Peter Deegan

Peter is an experienced Pharma QA professional, with over 30 years GMP, GCP, Regulatory Affairs, ISO 9001 Quality Systems audit and training experience. An EU GMP Qualified Person, Peter specialises in international QMS systems, e.g. EU/WHO/ICH, with in-depth knowledge of MENA markets, Japan and Asia. Peter established his own consultancy in October 2015, after 23 years with AstraZeneca, his last role being Senior Director of Regulatory QA & Compliance, where he led a large QA audit team across the R&D platform.  


Peter is a regular contract auditor to GCP and GMP standards, world-wide. 


Peter’s specialism is in simplifying complex Quality Systems, from classic consultancy to assist management teams streamline their governance and business processes, authoring plain-language SOPs that engage and motivate staff, through to design & delivery of training from the board-level to the shop-floor.   

Peter Deegan, Chartered Chemist MRSC, Dip Pharma QA, MBA

QMS Pharma Limited

Quality Systems Thinking for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industry Experience


Astra Zeneca

- Employee 23 years



- Consultant 18 months



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