Jennifer Bryan

An energetic self-starter able to quickly understand what needs to be done and then get on with it.  Highly flexible in a team environment and able to spot issues before they become problems. Goes beyond the remit to do what is needed.

Jennifer's degree in Education and Creative Writing brings a fresh perspective to process communication. The combination of authoring skills and, later, her career in fine art creates a clarity and fluid style to reports and training materials.  Her practical insights into what reads well in text and works visually in process maps adds a rare degree of usability and polish to SOPs and templates. 

Achievements include: 

  • Developed the process maps for a set of Clinical SOPs to a tight deadline

  • Captured process output in real time during a lively and complex workshop fostering the design team's understanding and alignment in developing the novel process 

  • Developed and trained on the Step-in Management mapping conventions which have been very positively received and adopted by several companies

  • Planned, financed, curated and ran multiple art exhibitions

  • Undertaken commissioned art works for companies and individuals to time and budget

  • Authored an illustrated book.

Industry Experience



- Technical Writing & mapping: 6 months



- Technical Writing & mapping: 2 months


- Technical Writing & mapping: 3 months