Company Background

STEP-IN Management Ltd. was founded in 2008 as Jean Samuel's solo Interim Management company.


Companies normally call on interim support when internal teams are under pressure, operational needs are being developed on in flux, or a special program cannot tap into existing resource. Jean's extensive experience in pharmaceutical Quality & Compliance and in operational roles in R&D brought a practical know-how and operational insights to some challenging projects.


This developed into repeat process engineering assignments that called for a larger team and STEP-IN grew its network

Asked to then help with implementation, Jean seized the opportunity to develop SOPs the way she had always wanted to - user centric.  As users demonstrated improved compliance that focus also satisfied regulators. In 2012, now with a team of Associates, Jean developed the STEP-IN Management signature SOP Toolkit to accelerate and align the production of SOPs.

As outsourcing increased in the industry, Jean's experience as a sponsor, as well as supplier, made this area a natural specialism.

Clients include Top 20 pharma with established systems and operations who need help during restructuring, strategic change or Mergers and Acquisition, as well as start-ups and biotechs who need small-scale, proportionate Quality Management Systems that can grow with them or be easily absorbed by a buyer.